SO do you guys STILL think 50 is better than JA?

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Looking back over the tenure of both of their careers, if both were to never release another album I would honestly say JA. Ja had atleast 3 goodalbums.....Can't say the same for 50 I would have never said that 5 years ago
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I would still say 50, after I listened to all his pre-GRODT trying work. If he just had GRODT then I'd go with Ja.
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I would say clearly 50 is better but affter that GRODT things went down hill & he hit the ja stage of his career making them kinda ja sounds so if wecompare the 2 in that area ja wins
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Originally Posted by kchildz1

Ja is Better by a landslide
ja's best album is a drop in da bucket compared to get rich or die tryin.....

so u my friend is buggin.
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It doesn't even matter if 50 went downhill after GRODT...
He proved that it only takes one album to kill a career.

The rise of 50 made me lost respect for Ja.
How he go out like that...
Joined Jun 1, 2008
Originally Posted by iHateTimeDotCom

ja was a better rapper and he made better music... dudes just bandwagon... VVV > GRODT... yes i said it...
You can't be serious... 50's mixtape material is better than the@%#% Ja has put out...
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