So does anyone else find Joe Budden to be..

Joined Jan 3, 2008
*gasp*....... boring nowadays?

Call it over-saturation to his music, from 03-08 it was pretty much all I would listen to........but it just does not catch me like it used to.

Escape Route? Meh..only a few tracks really caught me.

And the disappoint that was the Slaughterhouse album? not worth discussing.

Don't get me wrong, he still gets off. I'd still put him up against any rapper...but something is just off to me lately.

Anyone else find this to be the case?
Joined Apr 24, 2005
It's because he's not depressed anymore.

He still has the verses though. I see what you're saying.

And all that internet s- was gay as well.

Joe Budden TV was cool, but he did it TOO much.

+!%% he has been putting out lately has been piff though.

And I %%$%# w/ the Slaughterhouse album *shrugs*
Joined Jan 2, 2010
that _ still depressed... trust me...

and yea i think it was oversaturation... plus he stay havin some rinky dink @%$ beats... who on earth lets another man who doesnt even rap screen their beats?
Joined Apr 15, 2008
you're right he did get boring for a period, but he's been on top of his game this year
Joined Mar 11, 2001
I've been saying this for at least 2 years. He basically became like an emo Jadakiss. Hot lines, but mad monotonous and extremely predictable.

His style makes it hard to trudge through a whole mixtape. I liked certain tracks, but I honestly never understood the hype behind the whole Mood Muzik series. If you listen to any of those tapes all the way through, that $%%# will have you standing on the edge of a cliff with a bottle of Xanax in your palm.
plus he stay havin some rinky dink @%$ beats
This as well.

He really just doesn't have anything to say that I want to hear anymore.
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Originally Posted by blazinjkid

If you listen to any of those tapes all the way through, that $%%# will have you standing on the edge of a cliff with a bottle of Xanax in your palm.
see the thing is i think alot of cats are/were already there wit the bottle and all... they just aint have nobody to relate to before... i was in a deep @*! depression for years and i stayed listenin to joe... now that i done got up out that *$*! i try not to listen to his dark stuff...
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I haven't given him an honest listen since MM3
[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Always found him to be boring[/font]

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Joe Budden is the same now as he has always been.[/font]

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]

[font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]About sums it up for me...[/font]
Joined Aug 28, 2008
100 percent agree...
I think it is a mix of over saturation and the fact he's just talking about the same %%+# all the time... 
Joined Jan 3, 2005
The bars are still there, but the energy isn't.

Top that with the fact that he's been rappin the
Same tone for a minute, its like u got used to it
And want something different.

I'll still defend that N music till the death of me tho
Joined Sep 18, 2003
i was getting tired of him, but that was b/c of the actions taking place off the mic.

as long as he's rapping, i'll listen.

smh i used to look forward his interviews
Joined Dec 28, 2004
all i listened to 06-mid im not really checkin for him like that. He's still dope tho.
Joined Jun 29, 2002
Originally Posted by Scott Frost

Always found him to be boring.
Was gonna say the same #%$. He been boring and is still boring. Doesn't take away his talent but he's boring.
Joined Sep 20, 2006
Guna hafta repeat what a lot of people said: he's kinda boring. I don't think I could ever listen to 3 or 4 of his tracks back-to-back. I've tried plenty of times to get into him, but it isn't happening.
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