hard is it to break it into the industry? Vol. Label Executive

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As a big fan of music with a large passion for great music and an even larger harddrive full of music I often wonder about how hard it would be to make it in this industry...

For someone that isn't a producer or an artist, what is there for someone to do in this business besides shuffle papers for entertainment lawyers, people who make the actual decisions, and those actually in charge of the artists...It seems like a lot of these middle people really work for little money and those actually making moves are few and far the industry really this limited or are my perceptions a little off? There are times when I seriously considered how difficult it would be for me to drop my goals and pursue this goal (although extremely ambitious
) to try and be a record executive or high level decision maker at a big firm or studio...obviously this is a talent oriented industry and I guess one more opinion from someone not directly contributing is something it could do without, although I think (as everyone does) that theirs could be different
. Anyone on NT had similar thoughts about such a thing? Where do music fans and those who think they could contribute fit in? Maybe a fan is meant to stay where they are...on the receiving end of the speaker...

Just a thought...what do ya'll think?
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for instance I have a friend interning at a studio...but he doesn't really produce or engineer (dude bought logic last year) but is a huge music head...Like I'm sure he could pick some things up but what are the chances that he could actually develop into any sort of leading role in anything? I'm just asking...what avenues usually await people like this?
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Originally Posted by cartune

Its not hard to get in this %@$%+ its hard to stay in this %@$%+.

With the music industry you have to make yourself hot. If your serious about it start your own record label, sign a few cats and its off to the races.

I have always wanted to be in the music industry. I listen to music 4 to 5 hours a day for free I might as well get paid for it.

As much as people hate to admit it but follow Master P's steps.
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im coming out with my first freestyle in a few months or even year...have to find the right beat first...

i will be the best
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Originally Posted by OptimusPrimeAPhiA

Cartune, what do you do again? DJ?
Independent A&R rep for WB, Universal, Aphiliates, Swag 24 AMG with Grand Hustle. Im currently working hard with indy Cali artists bout to bring C-Bo from The Outlawz (Tupac's group) back out.

I also help with Press Releases and promotion with Prince Ken with Maybach Music Group and Angel from Def Jm.

I do mixtapes and Ill do a dj gig if the money right but right now i do alot of behind the scenes +#!# I dont name drop or flex unless theres a thread about something i working with. cool with Soulja's SOD too bout to get a +$!$% signed over there 

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what does that mean?

independent A&R?
means you have no solid allegiance? you'll sign an artist to whatever label but you do the work of finding them?
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Yea im not loyal to any label yet partially cause im doing this while im in school and cant just do anything when they want me too.

Yea but alot go into A&Ring not just getting people signed alot of people I worked with were signed already

sid lugar

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Random fact, my cousin grads from Emory in May 2010. But back on topic. I love music with all my heart. Currently I song write to random instrumentals or songs I deem nice. I have no certain genre. I honestly would just like to find a studio to record the songs I've written and possibly send it out to a few companies. I would love to work with Ne-yo or Polow and Ester Dean or Keri . Im on a slump. I want to push myself to get my music out there, but it takes a lot of courage and risk. I honestly believe I can do it. I've been writing songs since I was 9. I would love to learn from the best to help me improve my craft. I have no intentions in becoming an artist, but I would love to get my work out there to be spread to the world. It is my art and I take tremendous pride in it. My bro has a good connection with DJ Alazay(close associate to Wale), but my brother is not a fan of my music so he refuses to give it to anyone. It is 2010 and with the internet and all these youtube signings, I believe if I work really hard to summer, I can get this thing off the ground. I will have a lot of free time and I feel I can get this thing going. If this was 6 years ago, the best idea would have been to move to ATL, but it isn't required in this time period. I would love to reach an Emilio Estefan or LA Reid level. The main problem is how to reach there. I know with hard work anything is possible, but I need to attempt the trial and error process to reach that level.

But back on topic, not sure what your interested in doing, but all I can say is network and check local record companies and try to get an intern spot. I would also suggest taking an college course at a music based college.
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