So how long does it take for a INC grade to get corrected?

May 7, 2005
well I ended up handing in a paper literally seconds late and the teacher was cool and gave me an Incomplete. the paper was an A and the two exams i took for the class were A's.
He tells me to come in the beginning of the semester to change the grade. I called and meet up with the professor a couple of times and about 3 weeks ago he told me he changed the grade.

I wanna know how long it usually takes for it to come up on esims/ transcript?

I dont really trust the professor he seems like the type to not wanna go out his way to do things.
Jan 6, 2002
Should be ASAP if he's done his part. I know mine was. I got an incomplete in Bio my freshman year and got it changed to an A about 3 weeks before I graduated. I watched him go to the registrars office and have it changed though.
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