So I lost my phone and a scheme dawns on me...

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I lost my blackberry yesterday and I do not have insurance.  I am not eligible for a new phone til August.

My friend has the exact same blackberry and he does have insurance.


I come up with this idea that my friend reports his phone stolen, he gets a new phone, and I take his old phone, get it activated and make it my own.

Has anyone ever tried this and does it actually work?  We both have Verizon btw.
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I wanted to try this when I found a chocolate, and my cousin had a chocolate.
I don't see why it wouldn't work, or why your friend wouldn't be with it as long as you pay the difference.
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i'm sure they'd note teh fact that the "stolen" phone was indeed reactivated. These things have the equivalent of VIN numbers.

You wouldn't want to risk defrauding a corporation like that...
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of course, it'll work, and it's also called fraud.

depending on the value of the phone, and if it's discovered, you or your friend could get a heavy fine and misdemeanor.

this kind of stuff happens all the time. it's up to you to decide whether it's worth the risk.
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I'm pretty sure Verizon will block the stolen phone's ESN from getting reactivated again
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If you did plan on doing this, you should probably get it activated to your account before he reports it stolen, otherwise I highly doubt they will activate it for you.
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The only thing you need to worry about is them locking the ESN on the reported stolen bb. If you got a hook up or slip dude at the counter a 20, I'm sure he can clean the ESN for use. Not 100% sure this is how it works.
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All the people screaming "you gonna get locked up, etc", where were ya'll during the best buy video game scheme?

I know its fraud...I'm just asking has this ever worked for someone else.
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You are the first person to think of this. What other million dollar ideas do you have floating around in that massive brain of yours?
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What kinda phone is it?

If the phone uses a sim card, just get someone to unlock it on Craigslists and you should be good.

Me and my boy both got unlocked BB Storm's that were on Verizon and they had sim cards....

I heard most Verizon phones don't have sim cards, like Sprint...Dunno if its true. Never had Verizon.


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The ESN on that phone will be blacklisted and will render the phone unable to be activated....


since its your friends phone, he could claim its lost, get the replacement, then a week later say he found the phone and the number will be removed from the blacklist since the owner reclaimed the phone, and your set.

but you didn't read that from me and yes its insurance fraud. btw, a blackberry isn't even worth the risk, get a iphone or an android.
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