So i magically got $1500 deposited into my bank account...

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Dang that's crazy! Yeah it's probably an error though. Who do you bank with?
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I swore I got like $300 - $600 once. I never found out where it came from, but they never took it out
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id go see your bank within a few days if it doesnt go away, you can get into some trouble if you spend it
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Happened to me before, I had $10,000 magically deposited to my account.

They'll figure out their mistake sooner or later.

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If the transaction has already cleared, just take the cash and close the account.

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Originally Posted by KICKINHEADZ1010

NO it's FREE MONEY... is it what you want to hear? Of course, it's an error. Report it.

Seriously, it's not like someone is randomly depositing money into stranger's accounts.  It's an error and they will most likely catch it, but don't spend it since they will make you give the money back if/when they do.
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what if you withdrew everything in your account and closed it tomorrow? how would they be able to correct the error then?
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You can either not touch it and wait for them to catch the error or go to the bank and let them know.
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i work for a credit union and it happens often when a teller puts a deposit into the incorrect account. we call it a "mis-deposit". we find out when the person whose account it was supposed to go into calls the customer service line and says "I made a $1500 deposit on 2/23 and it's not in my account". then the customer service rep finds the teller who did it, find out account that it did go into, then debit that account and credit the correct account. and it doesn't matter if the incorrect account still has the $1500 or not - hell if that account is at $0 then it will go to -$1500.00 with the swiftness and you end up owing that bank $1500.00 which 99.9% you no longer have cause it got wasted on kicks, polos, 501's and whatever young people are buying these days
edit: swizzc -a bank can re-open a closed account and still debit the amount - 
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Originally Posted by derrty6232

If the transaction has already cleared, just take the cash and close the account.
Don't listen to him. If you do that they will send you a letter asking for all that money back.
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