So I paid my tuition and they Never took the funds out

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My tuition is only 500 bucks (I'm taking my last credit for my ba so just one class)., and I paid it about a week ago for the next quarter. Today I check my balance and it's the same. So I thought maybe it didn't go through. I check my balance for my school and it says 0.00.

Should I just wait it out?
Or Should I say something? I don't want to get dropped from the class either.
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lol wait it out.. you wouldn't believe the financial errors that are made sometimes... colleges don't slip tho. i'm sure that moneys coming out sooner or later.
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print out a statement that says you paid your tuition, then take your cash out...... very simple
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So what, you're not going to say anything if they dont take it out? 
That's called stealing. Thief.

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