So I search on youtube on how football works...

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i just vedging watching tv, watching football for some reason.  i dont understand the game (man card revoked? im canadian.) . so i go search on youtube.
didnt understand a thing cause im cracking up haha


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Same here

I could never get into it......

rugby seems more manly imo


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Long post... 
You have 22 players on the field all together, 11 on offense and 11 on defense.

These are NOT all on the same team.

Defense basic packages are a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense.

On defense it's 2 CB's, 2 Safeties (A Free Safety and a Strong Safety), 3 defensive lineman for a (3-4 Defense) or 4 defense lineman for a (4-3 Defense) based on the package. 

Also, depending on the defense from that determines how many Linebackers are allowed. 

If you run a 4-3 defense it's 3 Linebackers as determind by the second number of 3.

Same thing for a 3-4 defense, 4 linebackers is determined by the 4.

At all times the defense and offense has to add up to 11 players on one side of the team.

On Offense, you have 11 players as well.

Just like on Defense there's differences.

A basic I-Formation play is 2 Wide Receivers (Catch the ball), a Tight End (in charge of blocking so the defense doesn't prevent the Quarterback from throwing to the Wide Receivers and is also allowed to catch the ball.) There's also a Half Back/Tail Back/Running Back same thing different name.) A Full Back, which is a bigger Half Back in charge of basically the same things as a Tight End. 

Blocking, catching, etc... 

Then you have the Offensive Line, which protects the Quarter Back and Running back when the ball needs to be thrown by the Quarter Back or ran bu the Running back/Half back..

They include a Left Tackle (Protects the right hand Quarter back's blind side), Left Gaurd which helps blocks for the Running back, Center which gives the ball to the Quarter Back to throw or hand off to run. Also, can help block. A right gaurd helps block and also helps the running back to find open hole's to gain yards, and the Right Tacle who helps pass block so that the Quarterback has time to throw or hand off the ball. 

If the the quarter back is left handed then the Right Tackle needs to protect the Quarterback's blind side.

The goal is to pass, and run, the ball 100 yards for a Touchdown which is worth 6 points and an extra point after every touchdown is worth 1 point. Also they can kick a field goal. 

This is where the Kicker comes in to make it between two polls.

If he makes it through the "up-rights" then it's only worth 3 points.

The basics, will add more later if you want.

Pretty much the basics...  
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instead of knocking you for not knowing the rules of american football. This guy in the video is an idiot, if you didn't watch it NT please do. He almost has me confused on the rules :roll
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