So I was leaving Chick-Fil-A yesterday vol. Ayo

Nov 20, 2003
What's the first thing you think of when you think Chick-Fil-A? That #%@! is good! Second thought is, damn they're conservative. No service on Sundays, against gays, etc.

Well I'm leaving there last night and this 40/50 y.o. white dude, plain dressed, is leaving too. I dump my tray, say excuse me, and walk out. Dude comes up to my FR-S with "excuse me sir" I'm thinkin another dude who likes FR-S/BRZ's. Nope.

Him: "Do you know where the gay areas are around here?"

Me: "Uhh, Dupont in DC?"

H: "No I meant around here, MD area"

M: "Oh no I wouldn't know"

H: "Ah hmm ok, I just moved around here. You're not gay are you?"

M: "No man don't fly that way" leaning into my car

H: "Oh ok. You don't need a BJ or anything?"

M: :x "Nah man I'm not gay"

At this point I'm like wow this went south faster than a gay guy

H: "C'mon, just 5 minutes"

M: "NO. I'm outta here"

H: "Okay well sorry I interrupted your time" and walks off

I peeled outta that parking lot like DK in the parking garage, smh. Now if that was a female, it would've been showtime. Have you guys dealt with bold attempts like that?
May 2, 2013
H: "Oh ok. You don't need a BJ or anything?"

Dec 9, 2002
:rofl: def sounds like one of the "pranks" dudes in here been posting lately.
Son was so casual with the advance too :lol:
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