So... If I'm not attracted to Black women because of their skin color...Am I racist?

Aug 25, 2005
I just don't find dark-skinned women attractive. It's not that they're inferior to other races...but it's something like how some men like bigboobs or big butts...It's a physical feature that I'm just not attracted to.

Does this make me racist?

I don't think so....
I believe it's racist .

There's millions of Black women in the world , all different shades of Black ... so yes .

That's like me saying I don't like White men because of their skin color ...

It would be different if I said I didn't like some of them because of their homely values .
No, I guess its not your cup of tea, interesting topic though, I LOVE women.. all colors, and mostly all sizes if they are hottthey can get it anytime..
It's called personal preference. Personally i think you're crazy as hell for not liking a little melanin, but hey...that's just more for me.
I'm assuming you dont like their look as opppsed to you don't like them as people. The latter could be inferred as being racist.
No. If you don't like them b/c of that feature you just dont. Is not like you hate them and wish they all died or something. But there are many shades ofblack girls
I can side with you on this one fam.. & i'm half black too
When i told my mom she was just
Its called personal preference. Would you consider yourself racist if you didn't like ugly girls? It'll just default right back to personal preferencebecause what you call ugly I may call beautiful, vice versa.

Sort of. You buy into a perception of beauty that is directly tied to whiteness while believing black skin to be unattractive.
umm Yes. thats actually the EXACT definition of racism... sorry dude but ur aracist. smh
^^^ but no it doesnt make u racistI wouldnt tell too many people that In real life though cuz many people will take it a certain way. This one dude told methat but he was an complete idiot. He was like I don't dislike all black girls, i like those two black celebrities. I'm like
then we spent 5 mins tofigure them out
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