So im not really into shoes anymore but is it that bad out here in the dmv?

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I go up to largo towncenter to pay my phone bill check out the shoe stores copper foams all over the place just sitting i dont think i know of any foams sitting on shelves besides those nc joints the guy in footlocker said there not selling also retro 12s old cdp everything i mean are release dates even an issue anymore but any wats goin on?
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That's prolly a restock of foams..

This is the first GR Dopes ( foams ) imo

Every sneaker retailer had em..

Even the wack footlockers had em

I think they gonna do every foam like that outside of HOH PE's ( which would get GR'ed after a year)

Nike steppin on resellers necks it's seems
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Another business ideal directed at Nike stolen directly from "Rockdeep."

Real talk.

I wonder who took credit for this one.....................
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it's looking like they're gonna be around for the next 50, I hope so cause thats the only way im getting em
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^That or maybe the fact that they aren't "limited", "exclusive", etc... they sit. Personally I like being able to purchase what I like without having to do more then hand over my cash.
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Originally Posted by eyes of hazel

Originally Posted by snaggykicks

wats goin on?
[Hustleman, "Martin"]  "Da Economy chief................................."
That literally had me cracking up, I can hear my man Tracy Morgan in the Hustle Man voice sayin that. 

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