So I'm on the bleachers when I notice this white powdery substance...

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on the empty seats in the row right in front of me....

So I look down....

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Crumbles everywhere!!!!

The only pair of 4's I liked and owed. Although I liked the military colorway, never could get with the elongated look. Wish I could swap soles. Uppers yellowed some over the years but still solid!!!! Uncomfortable as hell, but memorable (I already know!!!! It's Ok, I am an OG!!) Love the actual leather, NIKE AIR, the plastic tabs/wings, higher cut! Dang, the other shoe is fine too! Though I rocked them with a passion, I should've rocked them even moooore than I did! Will we get something somewhat like this next year????
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You can still restore them.  All you have to do is.... ehhh... lets face it, those are done  
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Foggy air units/bubbles usually indicate that the midsole is more prone to break apart....sorry for your loss
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I know the feeling, Im wearing my white/columbia blue 98 retro 4s a lot latley cus with the patent on the side this dosent happen, the shoe dosent look half as good with patent tho.
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I've seen a dude do a sole replacement.

It's been so long, I'm scared to wear mine.
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Originally Posted by j4ck

you're lucky you can get a retro pair in 2012, lulz
so far the 2012 white/tech grey IV looks like a slap in the face to a real og collector. I feel your pain 2229.
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Same thing happened to my FRED 3's... now you can rock them without being OD careful

And like everyone said... Reuppp in a couple months
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Damn. This just made me nervous to wear mine.. I swear I inspect it like crazy before and after wear. I'm afraid this will happen as I have em on.. =/
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R.I.P. sad part is all OG's 3-9 (even old retro's) are going to crumble sooner or later

there is no reup in a couple of greys won't compare to those. Shape and quality way off on 4's and I don't see JB changing it up anytime soon.
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Correct me if I'm wrong but I think my dub zeros have the same sole as the 4's. There is a white cement cw that would fit that perfectly.......I think.
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one of my favorite shoes... its ok lol, they may be gone but at least people got to see you wearing them a lot and that they had the chance to be worn instead of sitting in a storage bin..
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