So it was me, tina hahahah and mark right? In the store and hahahahah in the store and then we

Joined Nov 5, 2007

Just tell me the God Damn Story!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop laughing. Tell the story and when the funny part happens we'll laugh together.
Yes I'm mad.

Joined Jun 21, 2007
"tell me what ya'll did up in gunhill."

"it was me, dez and mean 3 right. and in big silver bold letters we had All you see...crime in the city"
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When they get to the punchline, or climax of the story, and you're stuck there with a
, that's the worst. Especially when they cant stop laughing.
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This is why I don't have as much friends as I use to, and I don't have a temper

%$%* em
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Originally Posted by eight2one

I always just rudely tell people to get to the point!
I hear the get to the point the whole time from my mom even though i am at the point...
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