Joined Apr 23, 2005
Last night i left myself on AIM through beejive on my BB
i wake up the next morning and it says that i was signed off by someone else signing on in a different location

I also got 2 emails, one saying my password was reset, and the other one saying that my security question was changed.
So basically someone hacked my screen name

i sent a report to AIM and i changed all my passwords for everything that was the same password

no one ever had my password..
i dont have any enemies.. and my ex gf isnt immature enough to do this, even though she didnt know the password
is there any other things i can do to try and fix this ?
Joined Aug 9, 2004
Damn that's crazy...I'd check my bank account and everything else to make sure everything is in order. Its probably someone you know though
Joined Mar 2, 2009
That really sucks, it's probably not someone you know if it's not your ex/enemies etc. Might have hacked other things.
Joined Apr 23, 2005

well i changed all my other online account passwords
i dont have a Bank account so im alright

I just took the L, i made a new screen name
Joined Jan 8, 2003
I've had my name for about 10 suck if someone were to hack it because i get some old friends hitting me up once in awhile
Joined Dec 4, 2008
Originally Posted by infamousod

could've been worse
I remember that
Girl stayed signed in on her Face Book on I forgot who's phone. Dude put that she was pregnant as her status.
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