so my house caught fire today

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chilling at portillos with the family this afternoon and i see ten missed calls from random numbers. call back to find out there was an electrical fire. my second floor was wiped out and main floor had water damage from firemen. No one was hurt. clothes bed shoes all ****** up. i gotta check on my shoes in the attic tomorrow.
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Just be glad your family wasn't sleeping when it occurred.
It's all material things can be replaced.
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That's too bad about your property and belongings. Fortunately it sounds like no one was hurt.

Is anyone at fault for this or was it just a fluke?
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I'm sorry about all of your belongings, man. Nt could pitch in $5 each to help you out. Seriously, no jokes there.
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sorry to hear about your belongings but as mentioned previously... material things can be replaced but people cannot
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Is there insurance for these types of things??

Least nobody got hurt.

Sorry famb.
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Insurance. Make sure everything is covered in insurance and hopefully nothing too precious was lost but glad no one was hurt.
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@man...fireman only said they suspected air conditioner was root cause. state farm has to come out and do their thing in the next couple of days.

definitely thankful we weren't home. definitely had the ac on through the night and girls almost always sleep in bed with us.
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As long as no one was hurt you'll be ight and bounce back homie, Keep ya head up cuh.
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Glad all is well with your family.

this reminded me of a thread where dude lied about his house burning down to renig on a shoe deal...anyone remember?
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Sorry to hear least material possessions can be replaced. Glad no one was hurt or worse. Hope everything turns out ok for you bro.
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Glad everyone is safe fam, that's all that matters right now.

Tomorrow though, make that phone call and get those claims. Even the ones that weren't there. :wink:
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Sorry to hear about the fire bruh. It really sux.
On the positve end, you have insurance. You are about to get upgraded in every area. Same thing happened to my sister.

My advice to you is to start making out a list of everything that you have.
Dont worry about if it was damaged or not.
A lot of time the insurance agent will tell you to throw out alot of stuff because of the smoke damage.
This includes Clothes, electronics, food, and things that werent even around the fire.
Most times people tend to forget many things, so its best that you start that list now and add to it as you remember stuff.

Next see what agreements there are in your lease about these types of things. In my sister's case, she lives in a condo and the homeowners association was required to restore the condo back to its original condition, since it was electrical.
Which could end up having your whole crib remodeled or move you to a better apt. Not sure how that works for apartments but it wont hurt to check.

Also if they do have something like that in the lease and they use an independant contractor, talk to him. You might be able to upgrade through him.
For example you had carpet, and for a little more they install hardwood floors. Just a thought.

Next check some local churches for help. A lot of times they have food, clothes and sometimes even give money to those who are affected by situations like this.

Lastly, I, and I am sure other NTers are willing to chip in and help you monetarily. I believe we, as a community, have a responsibility, to rise above petty differences, and help each other when these types of things happen.. Its only right. We are all NT brothers(with a few sisters)Pm me your Paypal info, I got at least $20 for you right now.

EDIT: Sorry. Misread. I see now that it was not an apartment
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sorry to hear man....

you seriously freaked me out about leaving the AC on now...

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
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Damn dude that sux. I wish you and your family the best.

Don't worry about the shoes or whatever burned got your health as well as your family.
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worddd the AC is on all the time at my house

well its on automatic so if it gets higher than the temp we set it at it turns back on
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