So NT, how do I respond to this FB Message Vol. Updated with Pics Inside

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So I recieved this FB message from an ex girlfriend from college. We dated for a year and broke up, than we were on and off hooking up for about a year after. That was 3 years ago. Haven't talked much since than. Every other month or so she'd send me a text with a song that reminded her of our relationship but other than that, that was the extent of our communication. So here's the message, the image is small so I'll copy and paste it too.

I don't know if you've heard but I wanted to tell you that I got engaged. I'm not writing this to rub it in or be weird I just wanted to tell you that a part of me will always always love you, you were my first true love and you will always have a piece of my heart. That being said, we both know we can't take back all that's happened between us. There is too much hurt. You are a great guy and I can honestly say I hope you find as much happiness as I have. I also hope we both learn from our past. I'm not even sure that what I'm saying makes sense Or that i should be saying it at all... I just needed some closure and to put it out there that despite my sometimes wishful thinking, i wont ever be able to get past the hurt we caused one another and I am choosing this new path. So, thank you for all you have taught me, I won't forget the good memories and the friendship over the years. I hope this isn't goodbye. Good luck with everything you are an incredible person and I wish the best for you ____.

I have no idea how to respond to this. I'm 50/50 between not answering or just saying congrats and good luck with everything.

What would ya'll do?

And pics for the boys

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Congrats and keep it moving fam, don't fall into the "I love you" trap..She is disrespectful to her fiance for even writing you that stuff 


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I am disappoint. You promise pictures we come in and nothing. NEWB

*edit* i liked it better without the pictures.


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Don't sweat it OP, Let that trick roll, your better off without that anyway. She probably met some dude, he hit it and fell in love and then put a ring on it. Pretty sure they'll be divorced in a year, and not because I'm being a ****, but not only do marriages seem not to last nowadays but to be honest, she looks like a jump off. i don't see how you can be with a chick that can't even take care of her fingernails anyway, i'd be scared to see what them toes look like...
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Lol Op send her the tl;dr gif and post her reply you'll have the thread of the day

oh you mad

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Originally Posted by Jonbx5

Lol Op send her the tl;dr gif and post her reply you'll have the thread of the day
If you truly don't care about her do this.
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