So NT... I need some car suggestions. Where the pros @?

Joined Nov 8, 2004
Ok... so this is going to be a very busy fall, so I'm going to be in need of a vehicle. I have $2500 right now, and should earn another 2-3 G's bythe end of the summer. I need something reliable, cheap, preferably a sedan or 4 door, that isn't complete trash. I know chrysler just filed for bankruptcyso I figure I may could get a charger for cheap soon, but it is imperative that I get one within the next 2 months. Anybody have some suggestions, or know anycheap spots to find a V? I live in NYC/VA so anything local would be good.

Joined Oct 4, 2008
I would never get an American car... get a 2002 Nissan Altima or find a 2002/2003 honda accord for around 6-7 K
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