So T-Pain Spends Money On Pointless Chain. Recession FTW. (-_-)


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Originally Posted by dunkahollik

could someone not turn him onto ben baller cmon
the maker of this piece (icebox custom jewelry) is very legit... they make pieces that are comparable if not better than
Icee Fresh and co. with that said... this piece is ridiculous from a jewelry standpoint... I don't really like the design but it's
huge nonetheless... Id like to know the weight of the piece and what grade the diamonds in that piece are...
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Somebody in the jewelry thread said T-Pain was about to give Lil Jon a run 4 his $$..Zahir prolly did it
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no different than any other outrageous rapper purchase...not much diff than a 1-2 million dollar car IMO..

at least when he's tired of it he can melt it down or w/e and make something else out of it...

I def wouldnt have done it but it doesnt make me upset..
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Everytime I see ignorant negro behavior im always reminded of this Dave Chapelle quote

"They should have never given you -----as money"

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