...so that I dont end up on that Summerjam screen like Rock..

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...I shipped Domski the Old Love / New Love pack back on 4/14.

He lives in Japan on the army base so I sent them via UPS to an APO address, however the clerk said that USPS would be the one to actually send the shoes. The tracking # they sent me doesn't work and no one can seem to tell me where the shoes are, as they should've at least been sent back to me. All the clerks are telling me it could be stuck in customs...

Is there anyone that has had a similar issue?


b smooth 202

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Damn customs got that bruh. Dom shoulda had you mail em to somebody in the states...I done lost a couple packages living on an air force base.
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I HATE shipping stuff out the country.  I sold a book for $250 over the holidays and the only tracking update it ever said on the website was "Accepted" on the day I sent it out.  I had to close out my paypal since I knew I'd lose out if the buyer filed a claim and sure enough he did.  I went to the PO where I sent it and now, my tracking # "isn't in the system anymore".  Then, just earlier this week, I sent some stuff over to Brazil and the tracking # I have on my receipt shows up as something that was delivered to Wisconsin back in April
  So yeah, hope yours doesn't go as bad as mine
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Due to the volcano eruption in Iceland, international orders could and probably still are backed up so it will take quite some time.
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USPS is a complete POS in regards to tracking numbers. I've had a million things mailed to me through USPS and not ONCE did the actual tracking number provide info. Well, not until I already had the package. Then the tracking number status updated to show the delivery was made. USPS can go burn in Hell*

*This was not a terrorist threat.
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