So...The Big Pacu did die:( RIP

Apr 15, 2003
Im late but...

For those who remember, there's a chinese restaurant called Kau Kau BBQ right next to the kung fu shop. In front of the restaurant was a huge tank with a giant black pacu. It turns out that the fish did die afterall.

I remember always seeing that fish in that window, my grandpa who use to work there during the 80's remembers buying little goldfish from the alley pet store(liems) for it to eat. After over 30 years the fish finally passes away due to major a leakage in its tank.

RIP, you will be missed Swish.


btw i thought for a second there you were talking about 2pac.

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My mom has been going to Kau Kau ever since she got here from Vietnam ('74?)...sad news, the fish used to the reason I loved to eat at Kau Kau's as a child. I still do.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
kau kaus food is not that good.

kau kau DOES have best bbq and roast pork around.

Swish the fish is in the big bbq spot in the sky. RIP
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wow...R.I.P i remember going there when i was a kid and looking at the fish and tapping on the glass, so sad. :frown:
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Unless that fish was responsible for how good the bbq pork is, i dont give a damn.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.

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