so, this is what 'The Professor' is doing now... Vol. And1 Superhero

Joined Jun 1, 2011
I saw this earlier n was like wth!

Lol, had no clue until they said who it was once the video played.

Kenny brunner bad Santa n now the professor spider man! Smh
Joined Jul 30, 2007
:rofl: That was cool. I still remember watching those And 1 mixtape tour episodes on ESPN 2 :smokin.
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Joined Jul 18, 2012

thats awesome
i don't know if it's really that awesome. dude's in a spiderman outfit playing against kids on some playground in the middle of nowhere

also, notice which famous basketball player was being mentioned? >
Joined Jun 13, 2013
Throwing the ball off someones head is so disrespectful. :lol:

I remember a fight in gym class because of that. :lol:
One day professor walked into this public gym in LA my friend and I used to ball at. He challenged my friend to 1-on-1 just so he could practice his moves. My friend said he threw the ball of his head too lol. So ****** up. Challenge a random guy to a game and then throw the ball off his head haha.
Joined Apr 30, 2005
Damn its a shame the whole streetball era dried up.
I wonder what the rest of the guys are doing for money
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