So we gon act like BLU aint drop a gem of an LP?

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That $#!! sounded like it was recorded in the shower.
Word! Blu spit on this but most of this wasn't properly mixed.  I like the "Doowhop" track but other than that nothing else has replay value.  I am a fan of Blu but this is far from a "gem". When is he dropping an official album?
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Originally Posted by HAM CITY

That $#!! sounded like it was recorded in the shower.

Damn Blu fell the hell off. At least he gave us BTH.This dude dropped that and disappeared and never bounced back
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Thought this was about BtH.

In more relevant news, supposedly Blu has said his album No York drops this year as should a second collaboration with Exile.

Below the Heavens is all I need to be honest though.
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blu just released a mixed version on the 27th. sounds much better. i think blu likes that dusty sound to his records though. anyone have a production credits for the songs? all i know is alc produced doowhop+.
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^ link to the mixed version?
theres a madlib beat on there for two tracks, the names escape me though
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Thought this was about BtH. Her Favorite Colo(u)r

I think we all know about BTH by now. His recent work with Dela is just as good imo.
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Haven't checked on this dude since below the heavens. Has he released anything thats good since then? Post links.


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A lot of his mixtapes and "LP"s have been missing hard save a few songs. Can't even play the GODLeeBarnesLP.

Dude needs to get back on his grind. Fumbled his chance and record deal. I feel he could've reached what Lupe did at his best in music and success and possibly more.
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funny how most artists that can spit, have weak production
funny how most artist that cant spit, have top notch production
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