So what really is next for JB?

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It's been all but confirmed that the XX3 will be the last numbered Jordan, and there's a lot of agreement that retro releases will end after the 23 packs. So this begs the question....what next?

I know this will be mainly a speculation post, but I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas. And if we got any EKINs in the house, give us a heads up.
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Team jordans? they are still OGs!
and tribute to Gentry for LS releases. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE THE NEXT LS RELEASES!
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First Post....

They will probably just put out team jordan's until no one buys them and then bring back retros and retro + and some more .5 shoes. Maybe if we are lucky there will be a skizike two combining the jordan VII-XII lol
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Whatever brings in the $$$.
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It's a fairly safe bet higher end Jordan's will continue - New models may be released more than once a year, or if not maybe with more variations between different color ways when it comes to materials used.

Retros are a potentially good source of income from shoes that don't need any research or design time. They're unlikely to stop, but they may become more limited, or more expensive.

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probably a .5 shoe for every possibility LOL
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Those are disgusting. knowing jb they will finally pay attention and make them SMH

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I wonder what's going to happen after 08. JB knows that the end it's near but it did not have to be that way. They brought it upon themselves. If they would have stuck with great quality shoes, non-******ed colorways, easy access to buying Js, then JB would be doing better in terms of keeping its costumers happy. Why is JB heading towards releasing shoes that clearly don't do as well as the retros? It's a bit stupid if you ask me. Yet again, I'm better off not having any retros than having something that seem to be on the same quality status as payless shoes. No offence to PL, but if I pay more than $100 for a pair of sneakers then the least thing I'd want is quality.
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After 08', JB's game plan is to flood the market with Hybrids and Team Js.
JB use to be the trendsetter now they just follow the TRENDS.
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I could've sworn this question was asked about a week and a half ago....

Anyways, as already mentioned Humphrey will sit on his fat @#%$ and think of countless ways to disgrace the Jordan Brand name even more. As a result, the products will look like crap.~
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arent more retros coming out in 08 though like not in a package (example pair of VIs by themselves)?
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Quote:[hr][/hr]It's been all but confirmed that the XX3 will be the last numbered Jordan[hr][/hr]

Actually it has been confirmed that the 23 will be the last of the numbered signature shoes...

Quote:[hr][/hr]there's a lot of agreement that retro releases will end after the 23 packs[hr][/hr]

JB has said that the retro's will continue BUT will be "considerably harder" to get, meaning they are going to be a lot more limited then we are used to seeing. Which is good in a way for people that are on top of their game but the beasts are already lining up!!! The day they stop retroing shoes is the day you know they really don't care anymore... They make tens of millions of dollars off retro's and it's guarantee'd profit, why would they stop that??? They are in business to make money, why throw away for sure sales???
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knowing jordan himself they might have like a comeback shoes like what he did, retire from the game and comeback twice
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@#%$ what this company turned into.

A man can dream..............

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