So which one of you alderwood NT'rs stopped my wife today?

Nov 17, 2001
lol i'm not mad, i just find it funny how you "three" literally stopped her to say, you're daaznfella's girl....

....seriously is that how you hit on women....using a pic that was posted and then proceeding to go up to her?

btw, she was weirded out too, but she said you guys were odd lol

and one of you guys was wearing ungoldenrods from what i was told...
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can inna describe their facial features and what not?
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That would be me, myself & I. Sorry. It's been sooooo long she probably didn't recognize me.
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it was me my new method is at least better than when I used to just chase ladies around the mall while beating off

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it was me. remember i was e-beasting your wifey on the summit post? yeup that was me.

not. wasn't me, but u better bring her to the summit
daaznfella: If I see your wife tomorrow for the John Legend concert, not only will I try and talk to her, I'll give her a hug.

If you want, I can give you a hug as well. Hope to see you tomorrow.
Your momz in my bizness​
wait they were trying to hit on her even though they knew she was with you?
and did they actually say "daaznfella's" or did they say "viet's"?
i still think this is hella funny. oh yeah, for the people asking for pics:

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