So who has heard of 'Sam Adams? #1 on ITunes?

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just curious to see if his buzz is really out there like that. Haven't listened, he literally just came out of nowhere. Rumored to have bought 75k worth of sales on his fathers credit cards
. Clown is the captain of his college soccer team.
NEW YORK - The name "Sam Adams" mainly hasbeen associated with several American historical figures and a popularBoston beer — until now.
Thecity of Boston is laying claim to yet another Sam Adams: an upstartTrinity College rapper who emerged from obscurity when his primarilyself-produced EP, "Boston's Boy," debuted atop iTunes' hip-hop digitalalbums chart. Outpacing the sales of hip-hop superstars like Lil Wayneand DJ Khaled, the 22-year-old's set sold nearly 8,000 digital copiesin its first week.

Adams'single, "I Hate College" — a remix of the Asher Roth hit "I LoveCollege" — has tallied more than 1 million views on YouTube. He alsocounts more than 25,000 Facebook friends and close to 2,000 followerson Twitter.

There's a buzz lately around Boston rapper Sam Adams,and not the kind of buzz he raps about: A swift undercurrent ofskepticism in the music industry runs beneath prominent iTunes musicrankings for "Boston's Boy," his new EP.

Adams, 22, whose full name is Sam Adams Wisner, is a senior political science major and captain of the soccer team at Trinity College in Hartford.

Hiseight-song collection debuted at No. 1 in the hip-hop/rap category, andat No. 7 overall, after its release March 4. Or did it?

Could acollege kid with no significant presence in the industry do alarge-enough volume in sales to rank so high on iTunes (only about8,000 copies of the EP, as it turns out)?

If so, is itindicative of the growing obsolescence of the capital-M, capital-IMusic Industry in how young people find and consume music?

A handful of music-biz insiders doubt it.

Oneskeptic, Jay Frank, senior vice president of strategy for CMT andauthor of the book "FutureHit.DNA," uses his blog to examine variousdisparities between Adams' alleged iTunes numbers and other salesindicators. Another doubter, music-industry observer Bob Lefsetz, wrotelast week that "a little birdie" told him that Adams' numbers werefaked. Lefsetz has insider connections at Apple, which runs iTunes.

Billboardmagazine, on the other hand, supports Adams' numbers, and the rapperhimself has denied juicing the numbers, both in a statement and in aseries of Twitter posts written in a vulgar frat-boy hip-hop patois that's unprintable here.

Regardless of the numbers, Adams follows proudly in the footsteps of party-rap acts such as Shwayze and LMFAO,with a touch of Asher Roth thrown in. His rhymes are an unsubtlecollection of braggadocio, crude sexual allusions and drug references(surely a comfort to Trinity's soccer coach), and Adams delivers themwith conversational flow in a rough (occasionally Auto-Tuned) voicethat alternates between sounding smug and oddly belligerent.

Hisbiggest song so far, "Driving Me Crazy," rides a synthesizer vampcribbed from the Eurythmics' "Walking on Broken Glass," and he's alsoattracted attention for "I Hate College," a response to Roth's "I LoveCollege."

What all this means for Adams' commercial prospects isanyone's guess, really. He's well positioned to appeal to thecollege-campus party crowd, but whether his act can translate to awider audience remains to be seen. The controversy certainly won't hurt.

Adams,a descendant of the presidential Adamses, performs at a CD-releaseparty tonight in a sold-out event at Harper's Ferry in Allston, Mass.,just outside Boston.

I don't approve.
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His albums is so-so

He has way better songs not on it that get big play at partys round here

Heads Will Roll Remix (To the yeah yeah yeahs song)
My personal fav
Tabs Open
I Hate College (To the asher roth song)
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I didn't know that him buying his own albums was public knowledge. Supposedly bought enough to get it to chart on Itunes, then picked up a grip of sales because cats thought they were missing out on something.

Doubt it matters to him, but I wonder if the math worked in his favor. If it did, not a terrible idea....
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"I Hate College" is a good track and I can def relate to it more than "I love college"

Nobody is sure if he really bought all the Itunes downloads himself, so don't judge somebody by a rumor.

I want to hear his whole CD, but "Driving Me Crazy" is a pretty boring track that is all auto-tone. I geuss I'll just wait to see if he keeps getting downloads to see if his CD is worth a listen.
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From Wiki:

Sam Adams was stopped by Wayland police on March 5th, 2010 at 2:30 AM at a local 7 11. The responding officers noticed that he was extremely sweaty and "had eyes like saucers". A search of his person yielded more than 80 Marlboro Light cigarettes which he had stuffed into his anal cavity. Anal hoarding is not a crime in Massachusetts, but the rapper confessed to police that he is "deeply" involved in a male prostitution ring.

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Originally Posted by Hess Side 978

"I Hate College" is a good track and I can def relate to it more than "I love college"
I Hate College track is garbage.

.. btw, how can you not relate to i love college?! I didn't go to a big state univ. but i went to a medium private and can relate immediately.

I like his flow on "rollin"

but this dude just samples all kudi's music...

This is not a good look for asher

Most people should stick to their day jobs but never let go of your dreams.
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I would say that wiki posting is fake.

TC69-Tough to say. From what I understand, Itunes cuts different deals with different labels. So your return per sale is different. And probably not as good if you're an independent.

I also don't know total sales, and no one would ever know if he bought copies himself and if so, how many.

Might not have been a bad look for the word of mouth or the attention either. People obviously noticed.
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and no one would ever know if he bought copies himself
From what I have heard, somehow it was found all the sales came from one 'region'..which i dont know if that is possible to discover? but that's how it all came about. Cause there were nowhere near 8,000 people in the greater Boston area who had heard of him, much less would buy the album.

Supposedly he has positioned himself into being a hot commodity and has the backing of a very powerful agency.
Might not have been a bad look for the word of mouth or the attention either. People obviously noticed.
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Itunes tracks where the sales come from. I pull that download info weekly. It's in Soundscan. There is a zipcode attached to your Itunes account that registers where sales come from when they download.

So 8k from one zip code would definitely be suspect. But ultimately, it's still all hearsay. Particularly the ACTUAL number that were purchased.

You know this %$@@ is like a game of telephone. The story starts with him buying 1k and a day later it's 5k and then it's 8k etc. I'm just saying, we may never know the ACTUAL truth.

But ultimately, there's enough talk about it to believe that SOMETHING went down.

We looked into this where I work because we saw the album on Itunes. I looked up his radio stats. Not a single record at radio. Tough to have no viral story, no radio story, no major marketing exposure and move that many downloads.
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Heard the I hate college track but that's all...I know a couple Trinity kids so I'll see if I can dig up anything.

Can we expect a collabo with him and Millyz soon Allen
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Originally Posted by airmaxpenny1

Heard the I hate college track but that's all...I know a couple Trinity kids so I'll see if I can dig up anything.

Can we expect a collabo with him and Millyz soon Allen
. Millyz ft NT artists coming soon..seriously.
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His publicist or someone affiliated with him sent around a pdf of all the iTunes sales, purchase times and zip codes. Had it in my email but deleted it. Did look at the pdf for second, though, and it was predominately sales in the northeast. Take it for what it is.

Also, read a billboard article on this. Billboard said it's impossible to buy an album X amount of times and have it register each time as a sale. Something to do with the iTunes account and IP address. Essentially, he would have had to have had 8000 iTunes accounts and make 1 purchase from each account to have them register.
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