So will this be misunderstood like the mason vs illuminati issue

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with all the bad correaltion this Illuminati hads with free masonry will these extremist envoking the Knight templar have the same effect on the the mason would aswell.

Also should I worry about my emblems on my car?

[h1]Knights Templar: Norway ‘crusader’s’ group explained[/h1]
By Elizabeth Flock

This image of Anders Behring Breivik from a manifesto attributed to him shows Breivik in a uniform with a white and red cross of the Knights Templar. (AP) In a detailed diary kept by Anders Behring Breivik — the Norwegian man charged with killing at least 94 people in a bombing in Oslo and shooting on a nearby island Friday — the suspect details months of preparations that led up to the attacks.

Breivik also exhaustively references the Knights Templar, which he calls an “international Christian military order,
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People still believe illuminati and masons are real? (I know Masonry's exist, Spanish teacher was a mason)
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Templar's were eliminated by the church centuries ago, according to a show I saw on History channel a while back. No one knows what they are anyways, your car emblem will be fine 


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Protect Europe in the name of one Middle Eastern religion that apparently embodies all that is European against another Middle Eastern religion that is for some reason completely anti-European? He's got himself quite an air tight case right there. He couldn't win a proper debate with such a ridiculous claim so he started killing children in cold blood one by one to prove his point. What a moron. He glorifies crusades while being pro-Christian and pro-Israel, completely ignoring the fact that the crusaders massacred Jews and local Christians alike during their mindless violent rampages.
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