Social Activities With Co-Workers: Yay or Na

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Me and my folks were discussing this topic.

One of my boys is serious about working out and he often gets invitations from his co-workers to go out drinking etc. But after work is the only time he has a chance to work out. They haven't asked that many times, probably 3-4 but each time he has told them no because
A. He doesn't really want to go
B. He would rather work out.

Well someone called him anti-social. His logic is he will never drink around those folks because he thinks it is unprofessional. (I can agree with this as well but also see if someone thinks this is "thinking too much").

But does anyone else have this issue? Not wanting to do anything with co-workers for whatever reason? And has anyone tried to make you feel bad about it?
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He has no problem with those folks but he just doesn't want to go to the bar with them and "drink" for hours.
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he can always nurse one for an hour and be on his way.

im the guy that peer pressures people to come to happy hour, so i may not be qualified for this discussion
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Yep theres always that one person at work who never shows up for work functions. I think its a great way to get to know your coworkers outside of work. In my experience, some cats ive worked with were totally different (in a good way) from when theyre at work.
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I am not that much of a "life of the party" type dude to participate in a lot of those functions on my own.

I am always one of the youngest, blackest, and malest folks at my job and on the surface, I just don't HANG around folks at my jobs like that. I don't have problems with anyone but even the idea of cliques is something that I am not a part of at any job I work at. I am pretty much a loner at work, but I am cool with folks but I don't identify with any group of people.

I can see why some say it is a bad thing but I would just prefer to stay to myself and my work.

I know the after hour stuff matters.
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I'd rather keep my personal life and professional life separate so I never really kicked it with groups of co-workers. I'd rather not take a chance on having my co-workers parade my personal life around my job.
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You'd be surprised at how different coworkers are and the information they divulge outside of work. There's 7 days in a week. It wouldn't kill him or his working out to at least go once a week or every other week. As far as him thinking it's unprofessional, I think it's actually kinda unprofessional to keep getting invited and decline every invitation.
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He's smart to exhibit that much self-discipline prioritizing personal goals at the gym first. I don't see a problem with others engaging in the common practice of drinking with their co-workers, but personally I also prefer not to mix business with pleasure. Depending on the situation it could create unnecessary drama and stress. At the same time, there are potential opportunities where your friend is missing out on key networking chances to build on company and personal goals alike. In those specific occasions it's best to set a two drink limit.
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i got no problem with it at all. my company had tickets to a baseball game and asked if i wanted to go. i told them i couldn't make it because i had plans to do something else that day. truth is, i vowed to never go to another baseball game in the middle of the day and i spend 40+ hours a week with these people, i'd be damned if i had to kick it with them on my weekend also.
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If its hittin the bar, sure. My coworkers recently invited me on a day out in DC visiting musuems and stuff, nah im cool on that.
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I don't go to any work functions myself..If I see a co worker in public I say Hi and keep it stated I spend a good amount of my week with these people already..I'm not gunna spend my free time with them as well
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Originally Posted by DaNiKeRhiNo

I'd rather keep my personal life and professional life separate so I never really kicked it with groups of co-workers. I'd rather not take a chance on having my co-workers parade my personal life around my job.
Because we all know there's those people who have no life, so they rather talk about yours when they don't have much else to bring to the table.
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 I pass on damn near everything. potlucks, lunches etc. im on dat loner-mode at work but its chill.
I dont even care anymore. If im hungry or want to drink ill go but most of the time im chillin in mah cube, taking a nap.
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maybe some people want to keep their home life separate from their work life
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It seems like every job I have I'm the guy getting my co-workers to go out. It's usually a lot of fun and you find out you have more in common with the people you work with than you may have originally thought. It also gives you something to talk about for the next couple days.

In college I worked at a Pizza Place...owners were younger (late 20's) and ran the shop. I convinced everyone to go out to the bar one night after we closed and these dudes got WILD. We had all the girls from the kitchen come out too. Turns out they never went out...just ran the shop, slept, and woke up the next morning to make dough (pun kind of intended)

In my experience little things like this bring people closer together and make work a more productive environment. I work for a large cable company now and my "team" is made up of a small group of people. Actually just organized one of these nights out the other day

User 37837

I keep my personal and work life very separate. Co-workers are always like, "hey come bowling with us" or "we're going out to this bar". Never went

But then again I smashed a few joints at my job. But it was strictly business with that too ...word to michael corleone.
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Goin to the strip club this saturday with a few women from my job...............lesbiens, but at least i get to watch them get danced on
(the girly lesbos, not the butch manly looking ones)
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i work in a restaurant so it's totally different. i can get wasted with my boss and it's cool.
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