Sold DS Blk/red 23s and ds og white/blk/Redxxi for 320,Did I short myself ,Opinions plz

Joined Jan 3, 2006
sold both pair at same time for $320,Think I shorted myself.or made out? I feel.a lil shorted ,I let myself drop it from 350 because he was seriously thinkin about just the 23s cause of price,So I dropped it 30$ because I didnt want to lose the sale and I wanted more money lol. ..What are your thoughts? What would have done?would u have sold for those prices or much higher? I saw 23s aint.really selling and the xxi arent sellin for much at all.. let me know what you think please..
Joined Apr 11, 2011
I think you got what you wanted and sold them for cash. I know someone who had a vnds pair and had trouble selling them for 80 so I think you did good by getting them off your hands and making slightly about retail. Or did they retail for 175?
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