some of my kustoms

Jan 19, 2004

Jordan I AF1 mids

tennis classics with some dyed laces

Purple Tiffany AF1s (first time doing some sort of croc)

denim af1 lows with dyed glow in the dark laces

uh forgot the name of these but first time doing denim

denim af2s

any feedback welcomed
those are some of the worst customs ive ever seen, i hope people dont pay for those....

sorry but ima call a spade a spade....
you guys are cold as ice, but you're honest.
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i do appreciate the honest feedback but are they ALL that bad?
do you guys think they're that bad? lol
dude it is all about if they look clean or not, the ideas and designs are not bad, but they dont look clean
I am sorry dude but u shouldn't quit your day job SERIOUSLY..................

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.. :x
........ :lol:

some of these responses are too funny and cold blooded. nice attempt at your customs, i don't think they would look that bad if you were just cleaner when customizing.................actually they still would look bad. nice try though, just keep it up and keep practicing.
please tell me you dont throw those in your rotation- sorry but those are horrible
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well i can only get better esp. after most of you guys saying they are horrble lol but thanks for the honest feedback
I really like the colorway on the AF2s....keep it up dont listen to the haters, everyone starts somewhere. :D
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WOW. THOSE ARE THE BEST CUSTOMS IVE SEEN IN MY LIFE! Siiiiiike. Dude, my 7 year old nephew can probably do better. TRY next time why dontchaa!? gheez man.. what kind of Denim AF1s are those... LOL. and for the first picture, What the heck is that!? LOL.
good ideas, i like the denim AF1 idea, but all of your customs need a cleaner finish
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Needs a much cleaner job. Try stuffing the shoe when you are presenting it, helps the shoe take better form as the paint does cause the shoe to look creased and worn.
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Your denim skills are pretty up-to-date.

Just work on the painting and the styles of the shoes.
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