Somebody Find Her Vol. FOUND yesjuelz Appreciation :hat

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flesh prince

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Man shut the **** up 

I hate people like that.

****** always go to the extreme. And then have the nerve to look at you funny when we was just talking about chicks having fat ***** and they come out of nowhere talking about smashing trannies 
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Totally forgot about this chick until like 4 days ago when her vid came out on twitter :lol: Idk if her cheeks are real, but they sure looked real as they were getting clapped
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Do y'all ****** go out to eat and ask the waiter what kind of steroids got injected into the chickens?

Nah, you just enjoy it for what it is. I honestly couldn't give a **** if these chicks got fat transfers, Brazilian butt lifts or just did hella squats.

They meant for entertainment and that's all I'm using them for.
This pretty much means that you'd date a tansvestite or a women with vaginal reconstruction. Whatever floats your boat
So being okay with fake cakes is the same as liking an artificial vagina? :lol: bet


Yea yall is trippin, im not an advocate for fake cakes but fake cakes does not equal fake puh, yall gotta stop that nonsense
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