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I actually read that article when it was first posted, pretty interesting stuff that has me looking forward to the Olympics. Is the video much different or along the same vein?
Originally Posted by Patrick Bateman

I'm not aiming to blow your mind, just want to share.

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Pretty much the same.. The second video of the olympics closing adds a bit more 
 to the overall picture.  
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i love stuff like this...the airplane one got me like
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I listened to that Rik Clay video a few years ago and it really did blow my mind.

Bookmarked to check everything else out later.
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Originally Posted by Coolidge Effect

One of My favorite Philosophical Arguments
Meno's Paradox
1. If you already know whatyou are looking for then research is not necessary.
2. If you do not knowwhat you are looking for then it is impossible to start research.
3. Consequently, research is either not necessary or impossible to occur.  

He's basically stating it is impossible to find new information on anything because you either know it or you dont.

There are arguments against this one, but, this one was pretty deep when I first heard it.
Seems like this would be pretty easy to argue against. A major flaw in the argument is that it's possible (and very common, actually) to know what you are looking for but not know how to look for it, in which case research is definitely necessary. I guess it's also possible to research randomly until something of interest is found. Either way, it's a pretty unconvincing paradox imo.

To OP, here's some stuff you might find mind blowing:
-if you could rotate your right hand in an imaginary fourth dimension you would obtain another left hand
-in a special case of an infinite series, depending on what order you add things in you get different answers, and furthermore you can get any answer you want (in finite cases, this is analogous to saying 1+2 =3 but at the same time 1+2=7 (or any other number you want))
-if evolution is a theory, then we can't be sure it's true.

-what is the probability of correctly answering this question if you pick a choice at random:
a) 25%
b) 60%
c) 25%


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Watch Fast Walkers! Alien/UFO

And Out of The Blue!  CRAZYYYY!! Im obsessed with this +!*

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