Someone explain to me what this girl wants from me....


Joined Aug 29, 2006
Im 22, she is 18. She is very attractive.

I met her thru a friend. She has a boyfriend. I have my own place so every weekend i usually have a party (nothing crazy...15 people max) and the past 3 partys(since i met her) she has passed out in my bed. When we wake up i have smashed all 3 times. Everyday she calls me at random times and asks if i am home, thenshe will stop by for like 30 minutes and we will just chill for a little bit. I have tried to smash on these meetings and no dice, not even kissing. Shecalls/texts me 5 times a day and we talk about all sorts of stuff. She asked me today if she could come to the gym with me tomorrow...i said yes. We are alsogoing to a concert this weekend together. Did i mention she has a boyfriend? When she was over my place today her bf called and she told um she was at i guess he knows about me.....

whats going on here?
Joined Apr 15, 2007
This is either a perfect situation for you, or you're gonna get your $%# kicked soon.
Joined Aug 28, 2006
You ever just read a post and you can tell a noob has written it? I'm serious. I've been noticing it a lot lately. I think it's a sign I'm onNT too much.
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