Someone of ya'll can keep being reckless if ya'll want to..till you..

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Originally Posted by NothingBefore

real talk i had a DREAM this morning

bout a chick who was 69 my face & got the herpes soon as my lips touched it

& rode on top raw then felt the Aids in my system

when we was done i called her out on it like

" you gave me two std in one shot $*#@ "

Then she got up and ran out cause she said " i dont want to die " irony

smh never going raw that dream felt soooo real i was soo sssssshooooook
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Originally Posted by Fear The Ibis

Originally Posted by derventa

I have Oral HSV1, and I still get it in...But realtalk, the ocassional breakouts I get are pretty embarrassing, but I keep my head up and don't let it get to me. A LOT of people have it, and I know you reading this post has it, but are scared to admit it. We should make a team HERPES

Did son really just say there should be a "Team Herpes"?
nt is out of control. this dude said
my stomachhurts
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