Someone recommend me a good Anti-Virus

Joined Dec 31, 2003
I just bought a new laptop and im looking for a new anti-virus what does everyone on here use? Not looking to spend a great amount of money here.
Joined Mar 28, 2009
Defianetely Norton and also try some of microsofts virus protection updates firewall you can download the updates from there website. Just google : windowsupdate and go from there
Joined Apr 25, 2004
Whatever you do dont get Zone Alarm. Circuit City installed it for me because i didn't want to spend more that $50 and it's absolute @$*+. :smh
Joined Oct 8, 2008
It's real out there, u better strap up %*++@

Surfin with no protection

On the real..."McAfee", "AVG" & "SuperAnti-Spyware"(this finds everything, not just spyware, but it doesn't protect in real time. So it's a nice secondary program to use just in caseanother program left something behind.)
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