Sonics choose Renton

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How is it going to suck for you, Nate? You don't even drive =P. As for least it's better than OK City.
Really though, I'm just here to boost my post count.
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Renton Sonics... or they keeping Seattle?? If so, doesn't sound right. Yea atleast they're staying in WA.
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i think they are still gonna be the Seattle Sonics, but their gonna play in Renton.
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but Seattle has not been an option for a while, its been Renton and Bellevue and I would rather see growth in Renton and not have to deal with the 520 bridge to see a game than have to go spend money in Bellevue. Plus the Seahawks training facilities are all moving to Renton too, this will be really good for development down there.

Of course they are staying the Seattle Sonics. You do realize how few teams actually play IN the city of their names right? SF Giants are moving to SJ area, LA Lakers played in Inglewood for decades, Pistons are in Auburn Hills, and MOST of the NYC teams too. I could go on, it is very common.
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Since they are going to keep the name "Seattle Supersonics" I'm happy because Gary said he wouldnt retire as a Sonic if they went by a different name.

Now all they need to do is put a better team on the floor and we are set.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Since they are going to keep the name "Seattle Supersonics" I'm happy because Gary said he wouldnt retire as a Sonic if they went by a different name. [hr][/hr]
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^ i dont know if you caught the pheonix game the other day
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I come home to find this good news. I just hope it dosent ruin traffic. My commute was just right. Im assuming its gonna be down by Coulon/Frye's etc?
(I didnt bother to read the article)
Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
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wow. its already long enough from here lol.
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lol the name isnt gonna change.... its still gonna be called "seattle sonics".... there just moving them to a new area... thats all......
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