Sonics fomally apply to relocate

Sep 20, 2004
Just got the ESPN notification Text as I was finishing up a project.
Haven't read all of the article yet.

"Today we notified commissioner [David] Stern that we intend to relocate the Sonics to Oklahoma City if we succeed in the pending litigation with the city, or are able to negotiate an early lease termination, or at the end of the lease term," Bennett said in a lengthy statement.

clay sucks. :stoneface:
LOVEYOU want them..
not because everyone else does.."
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clay sucks
Keep the Sonics in SeattleKevin& Chris& Jeff& Luke& Delonte& Earl& Damien & Nick& Johan
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It is very expensive for Clay Bennett and his co-owners to keep fighting for this team, against the obstacles they are now facing. They paid, says Pyeatt, more than the team was worth. They are losing millions a year. They are facing a class action lawsuit from shareholders, and another lawsuit enforcing the lease. Relocation fees would be in the tens of millions. The people at Save Our Sonics have a lot of angles left to work. Pyeatt outlined some of them. For instance, Pyeatt and others from Save Our Sonics are traveling to New York next week to meet with David Stern, and Pyeatt hopes, Billy Hunter.

When you put it all together, though, what is Pyeatt's best guess as to what will happen? He points out that the Mariners and Seahawks were way further down the road to leaving than the Sonics are, but similar forces conspired to keep them in town. He's betting the same thing will happen this time: the NBA will not want to abandon the burgeoning Seattle market, and some kind of compromise will be reached.
LOVEYOU want them..
not because everyone else does.."
Did you see the response from the city attorney?

Last night over 17,000 dedicated Sonic fans
welcomed home the team that they love with persistent chants of Save our Sonics. Mr.
Bennetts announcement today is a transparent attempt to alienate the Seattle fan base
and follow through on his plan to move the team to Oklahoma City. The deadline for
notifying the league of his intent to move is March 1. Making this move now continues
the current ownerships insulting behavior toward the Sonics dedicated fans and the
citizens of the City of Seattle.
This latest move on their part will not affect the lawsuit at all. The City intends to
keep the Sonics here. If the NBA takes any steps to move them, we will seek immediate
injunctive relief. Until then, the lawsuit will proceed. We intend to hold the Sonics to
their commitment and have them play at the Key Arena until the end of the 2009-2010
season as per the contract.

Team Pacific Northwest

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Bill Gates should buy the Sonics for the sake of the city..... team is not for sale unfortunately.

Who in the right mind would move to @#%$ OKLAHOMA, redneck county?????

Dumbass douche. Have fun gettin ticket sales in Oklahoma.
T E A M N E W Y O R K K N I C K S​
^agreed, except clay we should put him in a punching booth at the zoo.

Team Pacific Northwest

Having sex with your pregnant girl, is like putting gas in a car that you've already wrecked.​
Stern needs to promise Bennett ownership of a franchise in OKC and force a sale of the Sonics to local owners at a profit for Bennett. I know the local owners would be grossly overpaying, but I'm afraid that's what it's going to take. Stern can't afford the black eye of a franchise moving after 41 years (or possibly 43, when it's all said and done).
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lining up for the Clay Bennett punching booth > lining up for some sneakers/movie, game, or concert tickets
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not because everyone else does.."
I would give up a paycheck to take a swing at Clay Bennett.
Keep the Sonics in Seattle​
KEVIN / & JEFF/ & Wally / & Chris / & Luke / & Earl / & Damien / & Nick / & Johan
^just make sure that when you're standing in front of their corporate door, that you ask them to give you an autograph of all the players =)
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