Sony fans...please convince me to keep my PS3...

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I own a Wii60, and I'd love to complete the whole setup by scoring a PS3. At $320, you can't go wrong with that price. Right now, the games libraryis a complete joke, but that will change once Metal Gear and Gran Turismo 5 drop. Plus it's an excellent multimedia machine. Blu-Ray would be excellent,since I can't seem to get all the movies I want on HD-DVD. It's easy to switch out the hard drive and put in a 500 GB one, which will serve you wellwhen you start moving all those DivX files over to it.
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i think ps3 is useless. that said if i owned a ps3 there is no way in hell i'd return it before beating mgs4. thats the only reason imo to get a ps3 and ithink im gonna end up doing some internet cafe or gaming spot to go play and beat the game
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I don't own a PStriple yet but, that game "Uncharted" released yesterday and it receive some great reviews.
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i own the ps3 and 360 and i like the ps3 more then my 360. people talk about the games 360 got and stuff but didnt realize when the 360 came out and when theps3 came out. both system is totally different and ps3 is more up to date in graphics then the 360. the game makers are not fully up to produce all the gamesfor ps3 while the 360 is just standard now since its like 4 yrs old.
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If you need the money sell it back but if you don't really need the extra money for something it's always nice to have more than one system. I'vealways had at least 2 or 3 systems so when I get bored I can play another.


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just return it & cop a wii + super mario sunshine

the wii doesnt have blu ray or other nice features like the PS3 or 360

but it does what it has to do..

entertain people with games
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