SONY google TV 46 inch - deal

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just got the deal of a lifetime. if any one is interested in the sony 46 inch google tv listen in. 

so im doing research yesterday on the tv (saving up for it) and the MSRP on sonys website is 1500.

as im doing customer reviews and such, i decide to look up the vin number on googles product shopping search.

some how in the midst of it - it says best buy has it for 598 

i immediately call the best buy, and the lady says it is (i gave her the product number).

i rush as quick as possible over there, i tell the dude iam there for the sony google tv - tells me its a 1,000 bucks on sale - 

i tell him to check with the lady, and all of a sudden 15 best buy people are huddled up going nuts.

he comes back and tells me he cant sell it, but can let me buy it online and do a store pickup 

i buy it online, and nearest store pickup was a one 10 miles away - drove and scooped it.

im letting you guys know, because its a great deal, and its def an error - so try to get it as soon as possible. 

tv is amazing btw. 

good luck to those who want it 

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Search the vin. On google shopping.

Then it will have diff prices and diff stores.

Then call the store and tell them the vin.

It does not come up on the website.
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good look. it says the bestbuy around here has it for 598. so all i need to do is call up bestbuy and give them that NSX number and ask if they have it in stock?
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I'm about to try in about 20 minutes, anybody know whats the best way to argue this if they try to tell me no
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Thanks OP!!!! Hopefully I'm getting it today! Damb man that was a steal. I needed a upgrade!

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Originally Posted by bwood056

Yup. I went in store and bought it on their comp

i don't understand, did you buy in on for $598.00 (cause the list price is now $1,000) or did you buy it through google shopping which list it for $598 but does not give link to purchase.

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^ sn is fitting lame.

Picture quality is nice.

I wouldn't game on a 46 inch anyways
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