Soooo... What's good with April Fools Day?

Joined Feb 23, 2010
I'm gonna text my ex "I want you back."

And follow it up immediately with a "happy april fools day."
Joined Jun 5, 2006
Last year I sent a text message to my chick while I was at work telling her this new girl that I hadn't seen since college started working at my job. I told her how she sent me this long email telling me how she had been looking for me, and how she had this 7 year old boy that lookes just like me. She thinks i am the father, and was attempting to track me down for a paternity test. No more than 2 minutes after I sent the text, my shorty called me buggin out. She banged on me and was feeling some type of way for the rest of the day and night. lol
Joined Jun 6, 2005
If you know someone who has a calendar that only shows the current day, rip today's (31st) off and pretend it's 4/1.
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