Mar 10, 2002
Well a few short weeks after placing the order with these guys..i recieved these yesterday in the mail
First tho the concept....

I'm A Producer Out here in Jersey, and im a sneaker collecter like everyone here on nt. Ive been collecting dunks since 2003, but ive always wanted to have a custom pair made.. DubbedThe Soul Glo (coming to america) I titled it for 3 reasons

1. Obviously The Coming to America Title 1 of my fav movies
2. The Music Notes
3. Everything that is white is glow in the dark

and heres the pics Sole Mechanics out in the WEST COAST did these customs for me. Shoot me feedback and tel me what you think.

Also The Laces Are Glow in the dark SB laces, and there are swavorski crystals embedded in the heels of the shoes. The used that joureys black/Green dunk they currently have out with the suede toebox.

nice idea. where in jers you from? i rap and make beats also
"...and I've been dieting for months
eat my dreams for breakfast/ save my pride for work at lunch
next i dine on hope/ then lie high in the zone
then get the munchies while im sleep, next thing I know im awoke..."
Very nice, I was expecting more orange and afros however. Haha.
T R A N S F O R M E R S​
thanks all gimme some mo ... lol and waar machine i got ya on the colors for the 2nd edition soulglo's
those would be wild without the crystals and if you threw black laces instead of those- the current laces look beat up
T R A N S F O R M E R S​
nice design, those laces look like crap
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