Space. (Video game related)

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So, I've been playing Mass Effect 2 for like the past week.
. For anyone unfamiliar, in the game, you get to travel to different solar systems and galaxies exploring for resources. Every time you enter a new planet's atmosphere, you get info on that planet, it's day/year length vs. Earth's day/year lengths. There was one planet, I forget the name, but it's year took 1,800+ Earth years. And there was another, again, I forgot the name, but it's days were 8.8 hours. Just last night, I found a planet, it's days/years were .1 of Earth's. 
My question is, how would human life be if Earth had those types of conditions? Could humans even sustain life? I'm just curious what people think life would be like. Imagine, staying up for days, never living to see a year, etc.
. My imagination even went further and I was thinking about what we might look like or even what animals would look like.
 I'm not looking for any facts or anything like that, although they are appreciated. I'm more so just looking to discuss what people think things would be like.
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