Special Request:Jordan Carmine 6 VI Original


Jul 18, 2007
please please i would appreciate if somebody has these in a super clean pair of all time (if possible still icey)
since these are releasing in May 08
i need some crispy pics!!!
favorite jordan next to infrared Vi
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they gone eff around and retro these as limiteds and sell them for 500$...they know we want them so bad..
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I think im the only one who doesnt really find carmines appealing, i mean they are dope but id rather JB retro either Infrared's over these, just my opinion though. (please don't smh me) :nerd:
I would love to see the white infrareds. Is there any talks of those ever coming?
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i had them when i was younger and beat them to death....sure wish they would retro them as well
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as you were saying these beautys coming out in may08?? is it for sure cos i might cop 3 prs too
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I love the red! I hope these get retro'd. At least two pairs for me.
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