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Just wanted to see how many people have majored in sports related fields & what their experience is like while going through them.

I'm going into my sophomore year & ready to begin taking sports management classes & also communications. Looking for tips, helpful insight, anything.
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I graduated as a Journalism major, with a focus on sports broadcasting and sports writing.

Was the sports director for my college radio station, also wrote briefly for the paper, but I focused on broadcasting. Did play by play for St. John's basketball and baseball and hosted a sports talk show 3 times a week.

My biggest suggestion is to get involved, don't wait for internships, make your time there valuable or you'll regret it.
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It's a "who you know" field. Your actual talents won't get you in the door anywhere unless you are the absolute cream of the crop and even then there's no guarantee. Meet everyone and anyone who can get you ahead. Like venom said, you also have to get involved in everything so that just in case you do get somewhere, you'll have something tangible to show people. My last suggestion would be to think outside the realm of your school as far as internships and things like that go. Don't limit yourself to that. If during the summer you can find a sports marketing firm or sports talk radio station to intern at, do it. If you're serious about it, be serious about it. You might not think it, but you're young and got loads of time ahead of you so it's ok to start at the absolute bottom of the barrel. It may not look or sound cool to your friends but when 25-30 hits, you're gonna be in the game or ahead of the game.

trelvis tha thrilla

Majored in Radio, TV, Film. Work in sports radio.

Pretty much co-sign what everyone else has said. Its all about who you know. I worked at TCU's radio station and also did two different internships. The internships helped me the most because it got my foot in the door and helped me to meet alot of people. Try to get as much experience as you can while in school. Also, try and land a part time job somewhere that will help you in your field. If you want to be a writer, start your own blog to help gain experience and show others your work. If you want to be a broadcaster start doing a podcast or try to get on with a high school team or something. A good way to start in radio is through internships or working in promotions.

One thing to remember about sports is, the hours are crap. There are always games on the weekends and every major holiday. One year I worked on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve...Its fun, but you also definitely miss out on some other things in your personal life. Especially at the beginning.
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