SPoT x Todd Bratrud "cigar" SB dunk Hi **updated pg1**

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Skatepark of Tampa and Todd Bratrud are passing out cigars to celebrate the birth of this SPoT baby: a Dunk High hitting the pavement sometime in September. Roll one with that paper behind the swoosh for me. I'll have more details on it soon. For now, here's a little hookup: Use the coupon code CigarDunk to get 20% off anything Nike SB online right now. It's good for the first 30 people that use it. Posted on Monday, August 15, 2011 Photo: Rob Meronek.

Via skatepark of Tampa's website**** UPDATE **** via n-sb.orgPICS OF THE SPECIAL BOX AND INSOLE
September is gearing up to be a fairly heavy month of solid releases from the Nike SB line, alongside the Plum Highs, Tribe Blazers, the SPoT YBOR Cityquickstrike buzz looks to hold promise with the new details we received. The folks local to SPoT will receive a special cigar box packaging as pictured above, as well a special edition insole.The shoe itself features a tear-away similar to the Cheech & Chongs to reveal blunt guts.
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its funny how you can see this one tiny picture and i can image how the whole shoes color blocking is going to be. these look nice but i hate going through so much trouble to get some of these SB dunks lately. Why cant more the GRs look this good?
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Originally Posted by EyeSeeSoles

I'm assuming these will have that peeling feature just like the C&C?
What exactly would it peel to reveal? Tobacco guts? No thanks. I don't think these actually have any connection to other "green" themed Dunks.. it's just a cigar.

Look decent... a nice fall colorway
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sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
Sorry couldn't help myself with that last reply. I like the way the leather seems to be waxed, but I reserve judgement until I see better pictures or actually get to hold them in my hands.
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It should be interesting to say the least. I'm already liking how you can see the "leaf" imprints in the texture of the leather.. Looking forward to seeing more
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hopefully the toe box is the same as that mid panel. really diggin the materials on these so far

stuntman mike

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they look almost like the thanksgiving af1 mids except better. they looks nicer/more interesting than that spacejam sb crap.
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