Spots in Salt Lake City?

Apr 27, 2005
I just flew in last night and am staying at the Little America hotel in Salt Lake City. I noticed there are quite a few SB spots around town from the locater. Are there any quickstrike spots around? Or any spots you guys would reccomend visiting?

Also, I don't have a car, so i will only be able to hit up 1 or two spots.

Let me know what is close by.

I am on 500 Main Street

i'm suprised there are even SB accounts up there. i'm not too sure about quickstrikes tho.

i can't be of much help but what are you there for?

i think i'm moving there early next year.
Cause we get them Dirty deals​
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there are no QS spots in all of Utah. Id recomment Ossines, but thats the only mom and pops place in all of slc. your best bet is just hit up that.
its like 7900s redwood.
^does Ossines even get retro jordans.

if not, where can they be bought out there?
Cause we get them Dirty deals​
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