Spring Summit? BBall, Shoe Display? give feedback/ideas

Sep 29, 2006
I dont know if the last summit happend but now that the weather is nice anyone wanna plan for a summit during may victoria long weekend?

I'm pretty sure alot of people will have plans already for that weekend, or plan on doing something bigger than a summit...I can't go if you make it then.


well lets see other peoples feedback obviously it doesnt have to be then but i wont be in town till then :frown:

could be a day thing i dunno im just putting the idea out no plans have been made yet

i'm down for anything. just post up more details and include a ball court
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people on iss are looking into possible details for a spot downtown, bball could be part of he day but i dont think everyone wants to ball for the whole summit. plus alot of people wont be ballin. i think to get most shoe collectors from tdot iv invited people from both iss/nt so this will be a summit for both if it goes down.

im still waiting for more objections to the victoria long weekend (may 19th)
Just have both for the venue...last Summit was perfect because there was a stage for the Sneaker Showcase and a court for bballin'...both types of members had what the want...we even had a poker table...lol

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you talkin the weekend before may 24th? or may 24. i dunno if ur talkin bout the day or the weekend you dank 2/4s

anyways some people came up with the idea of YMCA at young an college, which is pretty easy to get too. people are looking into that.

do we want shoe display along with bball etc? or what do people want

give ideas
Livestock X Roundtable jam at State Theatre on May 18th will already be like a Summit! but with girls and not just dudes aping on each other! LoL!

but if y'all want I could hook up the same spot from last time...just gimme the word!
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well how many people will attend if we set it up for the saturday/sunday. or does every got fam @#%$ on the sunday? '

i know clipse playin on the saturday but lots of people are questioning that due to all ages and it being at the tonic.
trooper, the same spot sounds good.
and i am not on a milk carton anymore. :wink:

nah i never ever rocked exco, bought exco, knew kids that rock exco, had friends that rocked exco. NEVER ASSOCIATED with exco NEVER -Trev aka Dr. hell No.
may 16th-23rd im outta town
so anytime around that
unless you all fear the jumper
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may 24 - 28 cant make it (in LA)..otherwise it's a great idea

Hek.. is State Theatre open again? i thought they had shut down... (use to go frequent on Saturdays)
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same place as last sounds good. someone pick me! pick me coach! dont make it on a saturday, plzzzzz because im working every saturday from now until i die.
All jokes aside though, this post is soft (pause).
alright lets say we get that spot or ymca, make it sunday may 20th? who can make it an who cant.
I'll definitely be able to make it just as long as I don't have to work. I'll be looking forward to ball this season. I don't have much time to play during the college semesters; way too busy.
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