Sprint Mobile heads, pros and cons? Vol. bout to switch service

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so im considering changing from tmobile to sprint
i can get unlimited to any mobile min, text, email, data (blackberry included) for only $51 after my corporate discount
$50 for a blackberry plan sounds

but whats really good with their service? ive heard their customer service sucks, so thats the big thing detering me right now

also, those on sprint with a blackberry, what this mobile tv they talk about? anything good?
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I have sprint. I love in the bay and have never had a problem with service.
Never dealt with customer service though. I love sprint.
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I got sprint too. The plans are on point. I have no problems wit service. Major con tho, the phones suck.
Or well, they don't get as much love as you would see wit at&t or verizon. If ur lookin to save a lil money on ur bill each month, then this would certainly not be a bad move.
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Customer service is horrible.

But besides that, their actual cell service was never a problem. Occasional dropped call here and there but that's pretty universal.
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I've had all the major carriers except Verizon and Sprint was the best one overall. Only time I'd lose reception is when I go on road trips and end up in the boonies.

Only reason why I opted out was because the iPhone. If the iPhone makes its way to Sprint I'll go back.

The Sero plan was
. Took me about 2 hours to add another Sero line with customer service but I eventually got in. When I talk to a Customer Service Rep in US they always took care of me, if not, you just had to negotiate. But when I had to talk to the departments where it was out of the country they were rude as hell...I learned to give back a louder and ruder tone and not let them finish speaking, if they still didn't listen I just kept reading over and over random fine print statements I Googled
, it worked for me twice when I had to deal with the outsourced departments.

My only problem was I went through too many HTC phones...theyd ship one next day air and all but it would be a refurbished one that would either A.) Have the same problem after a couple weeks or B.) Work fine but will have a dumb +$! error on the SIMPLEST thing. I'd stick with a Blackberry or Palm before EVER goin back to an HTC phone.
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I love sprint as well. I currently have the Blackberry Tour. Great affordable plan, no service issues, unlimited mobile to mobile. Customer Service only sucks when talking to someone over seas.
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Originally Posted by Mr Jordan04

Originally Posted by popcornplaya

Customer service is horrible.
thats what i heard. is the hold time ridiculously long or are they just rude?
BOTH. I had to wait on hold for like 10 minutes to get my phone fixed, and I demanded that I be credited money for every minute I had been on hold. (This is after talking to a person.)

Dude didn't want to give me them ducketts, so I called back and demanded double. 
at the same time.
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Originally Posted by KevTav

I love sprint as well. I currently have the Blackberry Tour. Great affordable plan, no service issues, unlimited mobile to mobile. Customer Service only sucks when talking to someone over seas.

That's the phone that I'm possibly gonna get. How do you like it? How's the internet? Free apps? I'm not up on BB game so please school me
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As everyone else says, I love my sprint phones....got my first in 96 with them and have had one ever since......people complain about service or what not, but as with any service if you get out in the middle of no where you are going to lose signals.....verizon people say they get signals everywhere, but I say to that, I dont need a signal everywhere!!! I need a signal to the 15-20 cities I travel to.

customer service does suck, but the more you complain the more free stuff you get.......plus you cant beat unlimited mobile to mobile (any carrier) included......if you are like most people now you can get away with the 400 anytime+unlimited data & texting for $60 (and that includes the berry service)....
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sprint is straight...

aint had too many problems with them...

they have some good data speeds, too...
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- I've heard bad things about Sprint, but that "unlimited talk, text and veb" (chad) sounds enticing. 

- I'm sticking with Verizon, patiently waiting for the Iphone
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Originally Posted by cor23ey

$30 SERO >>>

unlimited REAL mobile to mobile FTW also, just got my boy on that, who DOESNT use a cell phone now, you'll have to go out of your way to over your minutes
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Pros: awesome deals, great service. (They don't want you to know this, but their service is better than AT&T's)

Cons: phones suck. CDMA
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i haven't had to many problems with sprint and I've had them for almost 8 years. There cs can suck but it just depends on who you get, raise enough noise and you'll usually get hooked up. They have good phones right now the only thing is no sim cards.

putting in work

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Yeah I'm on the $30 SERO plan, and I ain't never leaving this plan... I'm going to keep riding with it until the fan belt's finish lol.
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