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Joined Sep 23, 2012
Reports are popping up again that J. Jonah is set to be in Morbius along with details around the film signifying that Spider-Man/Peter Parker is wanted after the events of Far From Home and it’s ending. This goes back to what Variety reported after the new Marvel and Sony deal detailing that Sony’s universe for Spider-Man characters and Spider-Man would reference the events of the MCU and would have it effect its world although not necessarily the same for the MCU having to refer to Sony’s world. This would make sense however, because Spider-Man’s rogues and his problems are relatively self contained within his stories with the occasional Spider-Man rogues causing problems for the greater Marvel universe like say a Norman Osborn in Siege, Dark Avengers. And righteously this what all this is leading to honestly. Marvel and Feige essentially writing the scripts for Sony to follow on anything Spiderman related. Disney gets the control and Sony gets a good chunk of the pie. Morbius gets established in this film with MCU ties and it becomes that much easier to reboot Blade. Stick him in an MCU Spider-Man film that releases around Halloween and have Leto’s Morbius in it too. Easy cash, right?

Pretty sure Venom 2 will be a reboot. It’s where the reports of Tom Holland being in it come from. The new deal that Marvel and Sony did that included another ensemble film for Tom Holland? Secret Wars. Symbiote suit and proper origin.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
Don't think any of the Sony Spidey stuff is gonna be mixed with the MCU so nothing to worry about.

Just keep in mind everything Spidey thing in a Spidey movie is Sony ****.
Joined Sep 23, 2012
sony using spidey ps game for their spidey easter egg and raimis version to boot :lol:


Seeing comments that it’s a placeholder which seems likely. Between the new deal and Feige’s comments about Holland “crossing universes” it’s coming. This is a 2 way street though. This is how the MCU will be able to get access to adapt more stories that will be good on film like a Secret Wars or Siege or even a Spider Island. Let’s of key Spider-Man elements that are needed for many big events that Sony has the keys to like the symbiote or Norman Osborn

unless that means... tobeybyke!
Joined Oct 19, 2016
The Morbius trailer was actually good. They've already begun incorporating it into the Spider Man MCU.
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