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  1. dntgetclose416


    Mar 14, 2019
    Can I please get a legit check on these? I'm not sure myself because its my first pair. If its fake can you tell me whats wrong with it?

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  2. StudentDriver


    Oct 11, 2018
    These are fake.
    The insole design is off, that is the easiest way to authenticate them.
    There are other factors that you probably would not be able to tell without an authentic pair like leather, you have to look at the edges and the texture. The heel shape is off at the top.

    These look like they are from Get. This is an album showing you a fake SBB from Get:

    Most SBB's that you will find now are usually fakes because most replica factories all recently updated their batches to look more like retail pairs. Hardly any authentic pairs pop up on eBay for size 9 and they are usually priced higher then StockX. You should buy through StockX.

    In the thread below you can see an authentic pair. I also posted a comment there showing you examples of real and fake insoles.
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