"STAN" appreciation post... VOL. that hook is so DOPE!

Joined Jan 5, 2003
Man... I got the Em/Elton John version off YouTube last night, might be doper than the Dido version? Either way, the hook is so damn HAUNTING!

The verses are straight poetry. A great storytelling track.

EDIT: Wow, there used to be a few videos on YouTube of the Em/Elton Grammy performance, now there are NONE thanks to the copyright junk? YouTube, when will thecarnage end??
Joined Nov 1, 2005
I could picture eveyrthing he said in the song before the vid dropped. Great job of painting a picture. Great song


Joined Mar 26, 2006
Originally Posted by MrWavez

Stan survived...in fact he is lurking on this site...

Yea, he just became obsessed with Jay-z and had offspring that mimicked his views. All of them browse this site now.

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